Bosque Hotel Hurghada


We believe that our ultimate goal is to make our guests feel satisfied and enjoying their vacation in our resort, that is a huge task to achieve and we know we can make it only by doing our job the way we love to do it. We always believed that devotion and doing the best we can is never a task but only the beginning of success. Choosing Hurghada was not by chance, Hurghada is the jewel of the red sea and a heaven to all divers, not to mention the capacity it holds for being one of the prominent holiday destinations in Egypt, famous for calm clear sea, friendly residence and its flora and fauna.


Looking at the future we see our resort becoming one of the elegant and most noted resorts in the area, and to be there we need to earn our clients trust by continue working hard and to anticipate problems to prevent them from happening, and to plan ahead to advance our resort by providing the latest world class service for our guests. To maintain providing high standard services we will focus on staff training by selecting top of class experts in all fields. Finally we will continue communicating with our guests to keep them loyal and forever happy about their vacations in our resort and to make sure we were not over looked any flaw.


Telephone: (+2) 065 34 65 287 – 88 -89 -90 -91

Fax: (+2) 065 34 65 286


10A Intercontinental Zone, End of Hurghada Premanad, Hurghada. Egypt